Saturday, January 15, 2011

The start

Today marks the start of my IVF cycle with donor sperm. I have decided to blog about it in order to keep a record of all that happens (both the good and the bad) so that I don't forget anything and accurately remember it all! :-)

Yesterday I picked up my first lot of drugs from the clinic. Tonight (cycle day 2) I took my first injection of Gonal-F (150IU) to begin stimulating my ovaries. It felt very surreal to finally be starting this process - surreal but exciting too! I had been anxious pretty much all day about it (not about the injections, but just whether this whole process will work out for me and questioning all the 'what if's' etc with doing this on my own) but once I took the Gonal-F pen in hand I was fine. :-)

I will continue to take the Gonal-F for approximately 12 days. (The exact number of days will of course depend on the blood test and scan results.) On cycle day 7 I will also begin taking Orgalutran to prevent ovulation; and on day 8 (Friday 21 January) I will have my first blood test and scan at the clinic. The results from that will determine what happens next in terms of the next lot of drug dosages etc.

So, here it begins....!



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Good luck!

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