Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Embryo update

So the clinic telephoned this morning and updated me on the following - 5 eggs fertilised "properly"; two eggs fertilised "abnormally"; and two didn't fertilise at all (due to being immature eggs).

At first I thought 5 wasn't that good a number (given that 9 eggs were collected) but the lab nurse said they were really happy with that result and she said they all looked "really good"! So that's a relief. :-)

I now can't stop thinking about my five wee embryonic 'children' busy dividing furiously in a lab petrie dish, lol! I really hope that they all keep dividing ok over the next few days and that none of them arrest between now and transfer....

The nurse said that, going by how they are progressing, the transfer day will be on day 5 (this Saturday), so a time was made for me to come into the clinic at 10.00am on Saturday.

Now I just have to wait out the rest of the week til Saturday, woohoo!



Blogger Billy said...

5! That's really great! Hope transfer went o.k :-)

8:30 pm  
Blogger donor mom to be said...

Thanks for your support! But sadly this cycle didn't work. :-( (See my later posts for details...)

11:17 am  

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