Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another try

Just to update again .... well I met up with the known donor a couple of weeks ago and all went very well! He is a genuinely nice guy and seems to be doing this for the right reasons. We covered all the testing and contract side of things and continued to talk a lot about all of our expectations etc before proceeding.

Then, last week, we went ahead with the first round of donations! So, now I am officially in the two-week-wait .... eeeeeeee! :-) Two weeks feels like such a long time when you are waiting to see what the outcome is to such an important endeavor, lol!

I will know more in about a week's time ..... fingers crossed!


Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Thank you to all of those who left comments on my last post. It warmed my heart, lol. :-) And sorry for the absence too, but after the failed IVF I needed some time out to re-assess everything and figure out 'where to' from here.

I had my follow-up appointment with the doctor at the clinic a couple of weeks after my BFN. There wasn't really anything they could tell me that I didn't already know. The cycle failed. There were no embryos that made it to the freeze-stage. And, as far as the doctor was concerned, no particular or obvious reason as to why - which was the most frustrating part! If there had been an obvious reason at least that would have given us something to work on or change. And as I am paying $10,000 per IVF cycle I wasn't all that keen on doing a repeat performance in a hurry without something being changed etc.

So..... I then resumed my search for a private known-donor. Never mind the fact that I have been searching for one for YEARS already with no success, but I figured I'd give it another go since there was nothing else to lose! And, weirdly enough, I MAY have possibly found one!!! Nothing 100% certain as yet (as we are yet to meet) but the email correspondence so far has us both expressing the same ideas/expectations on the whole process and it looks like we will be meeting for a coffee this weekend! If it all works out, I kind of think this would end up being better in the long run as he is willing to meet any future donor-child (once they turn 18) and I have never felt 100% comfortable with totally anonymous donations anyway (because I know if I had been donor-conceived, if would still have wanted to have the 'chance' to meet the donor as an adult! It just seems natural to me that a child of mine would probably want to know who the person was who helped them come into existence, if at all possible).

So, things are kind of looking up, and we will see how the coffee meeting goes!