Monday, January 31, 2011

Transfer day

So, Saturday was transfer day. I went to the clinic with great excitement and expectations for the best, but instead I got a mixture of bad and ok....

It turns out that all but one of the embryos had stopped developing. :-( And the one remaining embryo was 'ok' but not as far advanced as they said it should have been by day 5. I was in shock and cried a lot.... the poor nursing staff stuck with me sobbing in the surgery room chair, ugh.

Anyway.... I got to see my tiny wee remaining embryo on the screen before they transferred it into me, and the transfer itself went fine. It was just all the emotion of being told none of the others survived (when I was totally NOT expecting that news at all!) and the worry about the less than perfect embryo transferred not making it either. :-/

I am trying to remain positive (of course) but I find myself kind of preparing myself for the possibility that the transferred embryo won't continue developing and that this whole IVF cycle might be a bust. But I don't even want to think about that right now. :-(

I have a blood test scheduled for 9 February so will see what the outcome of that is. Although, I must say that at the moment I kinda feel like it would be a miracle if the test came back positive!



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